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“Dont suffer PAIN in silence, tell me where it hurts”

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A friendly smile and a heart felt welcome and the best ever treatment of your life.

Before we begin I must state that “Every single cell is connected” our approach at Your Health is Your Wealth UK is very simple and maybe a little unconventional style form of therapy, we look at alternative physical, psychological and drug free medicine. We use ancient traditions along with modern science such Turn For The Better, and Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF). This scientific form of medicine has been acknowledged for the past 25 years in a form similar to MRI scan but at a much lower frequency . We use a device called The IMRS this system has proven to increase blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and rebalance sleep patterns not to mention many more health benefits.

If you have any form of pain it probably has taken years to earn therefore it can not be expected to clear over night.
The Healing Process
The healing process is very simple there are 2 types of pain.
1) Acute pain from a trauma the pain is instant and seems to last for a short time.
2) Chronic pain is a pain which is there constantly a dull ache.
The natural way of healing pain or injury takes time. At times the body has goes from chronic back to acute as the healing process occurs, therefore sometimes the pain may get worse before it gets better, this natural way of healing.

Pre Treatment.

1) Complete and print off a Consultation Form and bring this with you.

2) Drink couple of glasses Water

3) Wear loose comfortable clothing

A combination of therapies maybe included in your treatment of Aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, soft tissue release, muscle energy technquie, vibrational therapy, cervical mobilisation, spinal mobilisation, reiki, crystal therapy, trigger point massage,  only use the finest purest quality products native to our body’s that have been used for thousands of years. As a therapist I absorb the oils I use and do not want to contaminate myself as well as my clients.

The body reacts to stimulation with our treatment we allow the body to respond naturally and harmoniously, this can take up to 6 days to respond to a treatment.

Post Treatment
You are advised to
Drink: plenty of water over the following 24hrs ideally 2lts for women and 3lts for men 

Relax: avoid strenuous exercise or being busy

Eat: a Light healthy meal plenty either fish, chicken, with salad or vegetables 

Avoid: any stimulants ie: tea, coffee, alcohol, fried foods, takeaways, high carbohydrate meals. Herbal and fruit teas are Okay

Make sure you have enough time for yourself to rest, try to enjoy the rest of your day or evening. You can even try meditation 

Sleep: Ensure you have a good nights sleep early to bed, ideally 7 to 8 hours sleep

How many treatments will I need?

We know that any dysfunction or pain it is not Instantaneous, it usually appears though misuse overuse or incorrect movement. Most people respond with between 3 to 6 treatments over as many weeks, this allows the body to respond and feel the treatment effects. We generally recommend regular treatments every 4, 6 or 8 weeks for the maintenance depending on your individual body feelings and needs.

Pain Management Specialist. Our service provides a pain removal or reduction service providing a bespoke program and support system to manage and relieve pain.

This will require a lifestyle change if you are not ready please do not waste your time and money.

Paul McGregor Senior Pain Relief Specialist

Please Contact Therapist within  48hrs if you are unable to make your appointment to allow someone else your treatment. 

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