The Secret


secretIn Paul McGregor’s professional opinion 

What therapist and specialist won’t tell you or don’t know.

“There are no short cuts” the body will heal when it wants to given time and opportunity.

Paul considers himself to be a alternative natural therapies only using natural oils (extra-virgin olive oil) mixed with a drop of aromatherapy oil, with clients as he reabsorbs oils as well as the clients, therefore would not contaminate himself with cheaper massage oils.

We are whole, each and every cell in our bodies are connected physically and physiologically

There 3 key elements to health and longevity  CIRCULATION, INFLAMMATION and MOBILISATION Increase these 3 key factors and you’ll get better

Knots in the shoulders are simply a lack of circulation to specific individual muscles which can be manifest physically (carrying bags, equipment, necklaces etc) psychological (ie stress known or subconsciously) or emotionally (ie holding on to past events) with massage and conversation we can help to improve the circulation physically and the person will get better.

What we do

We find what is STUCK structurally, musclarly, neurologically psychologically and encourage the body to release that tension 

We do not CLICK, use Needles or manipulate the body outside of its natural comfort range

You can not build a building without a solid foundation. That is where we start

You can heal yourself

Diet and nutrition play a massive role to your overall health

There is no call for Chiropractic adjustments and Why Chiropractic does not work PS. Do not click this link if you are easily offended 

Physiotherapy should be applied I release the physical muscular tension, this will allow the body to resume its full function and full range of movement,

What I have found with my clients is that unfortunately the older we get the more treatments we need, and it’s all about CIRCULATION, CIRCULATION, CIRCULATION