“This massage keeps me going, I don’t know what I would do without my massages each week”

I have had weekly sessions with Paul for 6 years.

I am 80 years old with a life long spinal problem and with his deep tissue massage he gives me more relief from the severe backache and shoulder pains I suffer, than physiotherapy apart from this it greatly improves my circulation. I leave Paul after every session feeling completely mobile and relaxed.

Paul is excellent at the work he does, I have recommended him to several friends.

P Moylon
‘Mum was a little unsure about what to expect with Reiki. She found the session very peaceful and calming. Afterwards she felt it had given her “New life” and a real energy boost which was noticed by several other people who knew her. She believes the experience was clearly beneficial and really looked forward to coming again”

My 3rd session with Paul working on my neck injury. massive improvement, very pleased. Now working on back muscles looking forward to the same results!

“The Reflexology sessions are very relaxing and useful to know which areas of the body need attention. Paul is extremely pleasant and professional and puts you at ease straight away. I would recommend him to anyone”

“I feel like I’ve been carrying a back pack around on my back for ages and fell lighter now”

Extremely thorough, feel so much better! I’m booking a further apt straight away 🙂

Have been coming to see Paul for the last 6 years on a regular basis. There is always a great benefit in having him massage me, but recently I have been in a crash & had a few problems with my back & neck and the results have as always been outstanding. If I hadn’t seen him in the days after the crash I’m sure I will have been far worse.

Many thanks Paul. He is also an extremely positive and lovely person to be around

Paul has helped me tremendously over the years. His massages are the best in the world. The pressure is just right. I can feel tension releasing and Chi flowing much better, the Reiki helped me in many ways.

Paul can sense where there is tension, he is a natural healer.

I have tried many different treatments to solve my neck problems, but feel with Paul I am getting there at last. He has really made a difference to making me feel better,

Thank you Paul! I feel we’re getting there……….

J Osborne “I walked in a cripple and walked out straight”

V Worland “I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I didn’t have this each week”

“The massage was like the difference between the 3rd division and premier ship

Helen Aug 2011
I have experienced improved energy & shoulder injury has improved.
I find that the biggest benefit is the improved energy levels. I cannot underestimate how much this has significantly improved my general wellbeing & life.

So impressed I’m having one.

Postural Structural Mobilisation therapy
Kim School teacher
I don’t know what you did to my feet the last time I was here but the first time this year I have not had any pain in my feet, now I know what it feels like not too be in so much pain. My knees feel much better now also.

A Turn For The Better
Gill following 1 treatment and 3 weeks of the golf ball homework.
For 20+ years I have had real tension and muscle problems in my
shoulders and neck, causing tiredness, headaches and pain.

I have tried every time of treatment, chiropractor, massage,
physiotherapy, acupuncture with initial release but nothing ever really
treated or improved these issues.

I have been having sports massages with Paul for a few years now, which
again provided some relief for a short time, but after a week or so, the
symptoms returned, Paul asked whether I would to try something
different, anything to improve the situation so I started to use the
golf ball on my feet!

For the first 2 weeks, I did the golf ball each night on my feet i
initially noticed relaxation in my legs muscles and then in week 3, I
noticed my neck and shoulder issues improve by 80%, I couldn’t believe
it after all these years! I now feel like a different person, not living
with this constant tension, my energy levels have improved so much, I
wish I had found this treatment years ago, thanks so much Paul it has
made a real difference to my life.

See you for occasional sports massage!

Many thanks

A Turn For The Better
Lucy following a single treatment and a week of golf ball homework.
Hiya, you asked me to send you an update as to how my legs were after treatment. I can honestly say the pains nearly gone – just the occasional twinge. The stiffness is still present but much reduced and improving daily. I still have the nodules on my Achilles’ tendons but as you said these might not go if there’s damage to tissue. Very impressive treatment! Is it worth me having another treatment with you or waiting until I don’t see improvement myself and then have another session? Best wishes, Lucy