(Tera-Mia) This treatment was a very ancient healing method, which was rediscovered at the turn of the century. Reiki involves attunement to universal energies similar to yin and yang we must achieve balance. We all posses 7 Chakras if the body has a problem be it physical, emotional or spiritual this may cause discomfort or imbalance. Reiki healing focuses specifically on the problem, and re-balances bringing homeostasis and well~being.

    • Stimulate and supports the body’s natural abilities to self-heal from within.
    • Loosens and clears blocked energy flow.
    • Helps us to let go of deep emotional patterns and ties.
    • Relieves aches, and pain, illness and disease.
    • Can help relieve, and ease long-term illness

Treatment Price

£65 Home Visits

Paul McGregor Senior Pain Specialist