Full Body Massage

Paul McGregor Senior Pain Relief Specialist


Aromatherapy is the use of natural plants and flowers, which are applied to the body. These oils can be very powerful and should only be used under supervision.

The massage takes place on a professional massage couch along with soothing, relaxing music. Your dignity is respected at all times; underwear must be kept on, only the area being massaged will be exposed at any time.

Aromatherapy is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience. Massage has proven to be the most therapeutic of all therapies. Your therapist will choose specific oils for your own personal needs. Following the massage you are requested to relax, and rest as much as possible to allow the bodies toxins to commence flushing. You will also be asked to drink plenty of water for 24hrs and avoid taking a shower or bath for 12hrs.

Benefits of body massage

An excellent form of Stress Relief can help Physical and Emotional Symptoms also can Boost Immune System.
Improves Blood Circulation and oxygenation to muscles and joints. Aids Lymphatic Drainage, Fluid Retention and Cellulite.
Also can be good for the skin helping Problems e.g. Eczema; can encourage Sleep, and Eases Insomnia.

Treatment Price

£65 Home Visits

Paul McGregor Senior Pain Specialist



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