Buddha Warrior Masterclass

Can you answer these questions?

Do you suffer with your back?

Do you have poor flexibility, mobility and posture?

Do you have to take painkillers?

Would you like to feel fantastic?

Would you like to wake up without feeling any pain?

Would you like your strength back?

Well the Buddha’s Warrior Masterclass is for you.

What is the Buddha’s Warrior Masterclass?

Buddha’s Warrior Masterclass is an exercise specifically designed to strengthen the lower back; this involves activating the posterior chain, anterior chain and obliques giving you a bulletproof core.

The Buddha’s Warrior Masterclass was created by Paul McGregor a therapist that has studied and practiced the arts of Chen style Tai Chi (old form) Qigong and Yoga over many years and developed his very own unique exercise plan to give you a bulletproof posterior chain that is guaranteed.

This brand new program is based on trusted ancient and traditional techniques along with a new concept of core stability. In the attempt to help you feel better within yourself, and improve your range of movement. The focus is on the movement of energy, throughout the bodies Qi flow. Thus becoming more aware of your posture and your limitations.

What does the lesson involve?

In only 30 minutes the Buddha’s Warrior Masterclass will challenge you, very intensely. Targeting the whole body from your toes to the crown of your head.

Throughout the exercise we will address and challenge postural alignment, physical imbalances, the psychological, social, and emotional aspects of health and conditions. In the attempt to help you to achieve a bulletproof core all whiles having fun.

How can Buddha’s Warrior Masterclass help you?

This program will be a game changer for strengthening your lower back, sacrum, gluteus medius, and piriformis (bum muscles) eliminating your lower back pain in minutes. Helps with sciatica, upper trapezius tension (shoulder blade pain) and many more, giving you more confidence and awareness of your posture.

Warning: this is not an easy program it will challenge you

Who is this for?

The Buddha’s Warrior Masterclass program is designed for all abilities from sedentary to us hard charging health enthusiasts, with different levels and progression. To the ultimate warrior.

Group sessions and

1-2-1 lessons available.