Business and Stress Management

The Benefits of on site Massage to your Business

The best performers in business don’t hide behind their desks. They know that business is all about connecting to people. The best companies have a noble purpose and a clear intent to treat their staff and their customers well. Top performers in business make it a priority to build relationships with their teammates and their customers. Connecting with your staff promotes communication, collaboration and strong business results. When people feel appreciated, they shine.

We CAN enhance your business by providing your employees with a fantastic relaxing massage in the work place. Not only would you raise staff morale and well-being, your business could also become one of thousands raising funds for charity each month.

According to Gallup research, the number one reason employees leave their organisation is not because they were not being paid enough; they leave because they were not given enough appreciation.

Managing stress in the work placeWork related stress is a serious problem throughout the working environment since the 20th century.According to recent statistics approximately half a million people in the UK suffer from work related stress.Unfortunately this may not have been detected until it has been too late, as a result of these affects members of the work force in Britain have been forced to take sick leave in the form of short term and long-term sick leave.It is believed that up to 5 million people in the UK feel that they are “very” or “extremely” stressed in their workplace. This was reported to have cost £3.7 billion every year.It is now a well-known fact that today’s generation are turning to alternative therapies such as body massage as a form of prevention.Benefits of Alternative Therapies

  • Decrease in work absenteeism
  • Happier working environment
  • Helps relaxation
  • Staff will feel appreciated
  • Aids concentration at work & home

We have a number of professional therapists available for treatment. Not only will this boost your staff morale but will show them your appreciation of their time and commitment to your company

We provide a smooth trasition to show how easy on-site massage can be introduced to your business without dramatic affects of your daily business. An immediate increase in productivity and business results and a tangible reduction in stress and anxiety.

  • A dramatic decrease in absenteeism (stress related or otherwise) and the ensuing financial implications of staff motivation and health.
  • Enjoyable to receive and perceived as high value, massage is incredibly effective in motivating employees by making them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Dynamic, enthusiastic staff contributes to a positive and productive working environment

Schedule a regular on-site massage into business and show your employees how valuable they are, and how much they are appreciated: the benefits will be immediate

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