Deep Tissue Massage

Paul McGregor Senior Pain Relief Specialist

What are the Benefits of Massage?

Why not use regular massage by way of prevention rather than cure? Massage oxygenates the blood thereby improving blood flow to the brain and dramatically increasing energy levels. Increased circulation of oxygenated blood to the muscles promotes healing and the drainage of toxins. This helps strengthen the immune system and reduces illness and absenteeism. It relieves stress related conditions as it promotes deep relaxation. It eases stiffness and discomfort of postural tension by stretching and warming the muscles as well as deeper work to remove fibrous knots and congestion. Deeper tissue work is particularly good for those who regularly participate in sports and those who have a sedentary lifestyle. Focusing on problem areas. Working with the Skeletal system, Musclar system, Lymphatics system, Circulatory system,  using techniques such as  muscle energy technique (MET) otherwise known as active release techniques (ART) and soft tissue release (STR) vibration therapy to shake loose tension in soft tissue to allow increased circulation. 

The most common benefits are:

    • Increase in energy levels and morale
    • Instant relief for upper back problems
    • Reduction in the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries and upper body muscular tension
    • Decrease in headaches and back pain
    • Release of tension in the back, neck & shoulders
    • Identification of staff who may be at risk of muscular-skeletal conditions

Benefits of body massage

    • An excellent form of Stress Relief can help Physical and Emotional Symptoms also can Boost Immune System.
    • Improves Blood Circulation and oxygenation to muscles and joints. Aids Lymphatic Drainage, Fluid Retention and Cellulite.
    • Also can be good for the skin helping Problems e.g. Eczema; can encourage Sleep, and Eases Insomnia.

Treatment Price

£65 Home Visits

Paul McGregor Senior Pain Specialist



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